Destiny of Maritime Nation

Sailor-presenter Darren Lim voyages to uncover the maritime destiny of Singapore. He learns how a dangerous harbour became a world-leading port, dives into maritime security and explores emerging trade routes that could bypass Singapore.

The documentary compares imminent world changes with parallel historic milestones.

Darren first learns how Singapore transformed from a perilous shipraiding hub to a modern free port. He discovers how the republic secures its seas from terrorism and threats with naval cooperation and international law.

He compares the historic impact of the Suez Canal with the potential of a Thai Kra Canal. He meets Thai activists keen to study and develop this trade shortcut.

With port pioneers, Darren visits key moments that made Singapore the world's busiest container port and ambitious new plans to build a highly-automated future megaport.

Darren unearths how global warming opens a new arctic sea route that could divert trade away from Singapore.

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